22 Mar 2023

Sundance 2023/Our Projects

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The Sundance Film Festival is one of the premier events in the film calendar, showcasing the best in independent filmmaking from around the globe and  it is is the premier showcase in the United States. Founded in 1978 by Robert Redford, the festival is a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to showcase their work to an audience of industry professionals, critics, and audiences. The festival is known for discovering and launching the careers of many of today's most successful independent filmmakers, and it is considered a crucial step in the life of an independent film. This year, several films that will be showcased at the festival featured visual effects created by FRENDER, and we're thrilled to have been a part of bringing these stories to life on the big screen. 

Films nominated at Sundance Film Festival in 2023 made by Frender's team

This year, several films that will be showcased at the festival featured visual effects created by Frender, a company that specializes in providing high-quality visual effects and animation services for feature films, television shows, and commercials. With a team of experienced and talented artists, Frender is committed to delivering cutting-edge visual effects that bring the director's vision to life. From photorealistic environments to special effects and animation, we work closely with our clients to bring their stories to the big screen.

"The Accidental Getaway Driver," by Sing J. Lee

One of the films that stood out for its visual effects was "The Accidental Getaway Driver," directed by Sing J. Lee. The film tells the story of the older Vietnamese taxi driver who three recently escaped convicts take hostage during a routine pickup and feature Frender's visual effects in adding a polished and finalized look to the main scenes. It took hours of cleanup, compositing, and lighting work. The VFX team had to work closely with the production team to ensure that the visual effects were appropriate and could deliver outstanding work that enhanced the film in a meaningful way.

The Accidental Getaway Driver

“Miranda’s Victim”, directed by Michelle Danner

Another film that was a showcase of Frender's talents was "Miranda's Victim," directed by Michelle Danner. This film is based on a true story back in 1963 where eighteen-year-old Patricia Weir was kidnapped and brutally raped. Committed to putting her attacker, Ernesto Miranda, in prison, Patty's life is destroyed by America's legal system as she triggers a law that transforms the nation. The visual effects team was responsible for creating the atmosphere of 1963, transforming the modern environment into the original one. They did an incredible job of bringing the world of the film to life with photorealistic effects that were seamlessly integrated into the film.

Miranda's Victim

"Split at the Root" by Goldstein Knowlton

"Split at the Root", directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton, also features the work of Frender. The film is a story of a Guatemalan mother seeking asylum while being separated from her kids under the Zero Tolerance Policy, a Facebook post by a mom in Queens coalesced into a movement as thousands of like-minded women across the US refused to stand by quietly. Frender's team was responsible for polishing thousands of frames for the front and the background of the neighborhood and matching them to the special effects.

split at the root

"Divinity," a thriller directed by Eddie Alcazar

Finally, "Divinity," a thriller directed by Eddie Alcazar, also features the work of Frender. This film centers on two mysterious brothers who abduct a mogul during his quest for immortality. Meanwhile, a seductive woman helps them launch a journey of self-discovery. Frender's team was responsible for creating the VFX that helps to create believable and surreal environments where the protagonist's imagination takes place.



Frender is proud to have worked on these films and to have contributed to their success at the Sundance Film Festival. Our team of talented artists and technicians is dedicated to bringing the vision of the film's director to life, and we're always excited to be a part of bringing stories to the big screen that are meaningful, entertaining, and visually stunning.
We look forward to seeing the continued success of these creations and to working on future projects that will showcase our talents and passion for visual effects.