16 Jul 2021

VFX for FaZe Clan and Xbox

Eleven years ago, in 2010, the young and passionate game lovers met for the very first time playing Xbox Live. Afterward they will become known as the FaZe Clan members. Then, they could not even imagine that in a bit more than a decade, their esports team would appear among the leaders in the esports world. In honor of the 11th birthday, the FaZe team went back to their roots: the Xbox. On May 30, they announced a collaboration, which was definitely delightful for gaming fans.

FRENDER, a VFX studio specializing in visual effects for not only music videos or films but also e-sports, created a state-of-art video for this collaboration under the lead of Max Colt.

Great collaboration

The 30th of May is named FaZe Day. 11 years is a significant date for the rapidly changing world of digital innovations and esports. Today, there are more than 230 million fans of these guys all around the earth.

Visual effects for Faze clan and Xbox collaboration - 11th anniversary

FaZe Clan and Microsoft Xbox 360 formally introduced a unique faze merchandise. The assortment has been named reminiscent and relevant for the early participants of FaZe Clan. The clothing assortment comprises Tshirts, hoodies, as well as coats with the FaZe Clan and Xbox logos as well as Faze Xbox controller.

Besides presenting the exclusive Faze Clan merch, the crew got together to talk and remember their 11 years of cyber travel. The players filmed a very warm conversation, shared their memories and plans for the future. The event of their meeting is ready to be watched on the channel of FaZe Clan YouTube.

VFX for Faze clan and Xbox collaboration

FaZe Clan anniversary celebration with Xbox

Despite FaZe Clan’s cooperation with various famed brands for a considerable timeline, this was the first experience of the group partnering with an Xbox. FaZe Banks mentioned that the collaboration was essential to them. It reminded them of the very first steps in the field and the journey to being a prominent global team today.

Vfx for Faze clan and Xbox collaboration - 11th anniversary

FaZe clothing appeared on their website at the end of May, devotees were delighted to purchase selected, unrepeatable goodies. FaZe Banks mentioned that they are happy to experience with everyone who supported the team from the very start. The reaction of fans to this partnership showed that the feelings are undeniably mutual.

In the postproduction work, Frender Studio revealed the essence of this significant collaboration for the esports community, thanks to excellent VFX effects, combining with videoclips from game streams, and inserts into screens.

Faze Clan 11th Anniversary | The FaZe House Reunites | Trailer