10 Aug 2023

Barbie Mania: Beyond the Screen

In the world of modern marketing, creating buzz around a movie release is no easy feat. However, the PR and marketing teams behind the new Barbie movie have set a new standard for success. With their innovative and creative strategies, they have managed to generate excitement and interest on a global scale, making Barbie a cultural phenomenon once again. 

Barbie Mania

Exciting Collaborations and Creations

By partnering with over 100 brand a diverse range of brands, the Barbie movie's reach has extended far beyond traditional media outlets. Social media campaigns and experiential marketing have been at the forefront of this endeavor, helping to capture the attention of a younger and tech-savvy audience. The brand partnerships have led to the creation of exciting collaborations, such as Barbie-themed X-Box consoles, Pinkberry frozen yogurt flavors, Ruggable collections, and OPI nail colors.

The impact of these efforts has been nothing short of extraordinary. Since January, Barbie has been the subject of close to half a million articles, with many of them focusing on the creative PR and marketing tactics employed by the teams. This media coverage has helped to fuel the excitement and anticipation surrounding the movie's release.

Leveraging Meme Culture for PR

Another ingenious move by the teams was tapping into meme culture. By creating shareable and relatable content, they have garnered over 6 million social media engagements in the past six months. This viral spread of Barbie-related content has further amplified the movie's visibility and generated organic interest among the online community.

Barbie Meme

Blending Physical and Digital Campaigns

From Iconic Pink Billboards to Pink Tardis

In addition to the digital campaigns, the teams have made their presence felt in the physical world as well. Iconic pink billboards displaying only the film's release date have been erected in cities across the globe, grabbing the attention of passersby

Barbie billboard

Furthermore, superfans have had the opportunity to rent a pink Barbie Dream House through Airbnb, turning a fantasy into reality. Even popular landmarks like the Barbican tube station and Tower Bridge have not been immune to the Barbie fever. They were transformed into "Barbiecan" and adorned with a pink Tardis, respectively, showcasing the power of experiential marketing in driving public interest. 

Barbie Pink Tardis

Barbie's Chart-Topping Songs

In addition to the film's popularity, the original tracks from Barbie The Album have become a chart-topping phenomenon in their own right. With hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify, the songs have achieved a place on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart, solidifying the movie's impact on popular culture and music.


Frender's Role in Visual Effects

Frender team is proud to be part of an amazing team that created captivating visual effects for two chart-topping Barbie movie soundtracks! It's been an incredible journey, and we're thrilled to have contributed to the magic of these unforgettable music videos. These two projects are video "Watati" for Karol G and “Barbie World” for Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice. 

The Integration of Visual Effects: How It Improves Post-production

The world of Barbie comes to life in Karol G's latest hit single "Watati (feat. Aldo Ranks)," featured as one of the soundtracks for the much-awaited movie "Barbie." The catchy and vibrant track, produced by the renowned Ovy on the Drums, has taken the music world by storm, amassing a staggering more 25.8 million streams within a few weeks of its June 2 release.

This captivating music video was shot on-site at the World of Barbie in Los Angeles, an interactive exhibit that allows guests to live out their life-size Barbie dreams. As a production visual effects company, Frender had the privilege of enhancing this enchanting experience with our creative expertise.

Karol G Watati

Frender's Stunning Visuals for "Barbie World"

Nicki Minaj Ice Spice Barbie World

“Barbie World” by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice released June 23 has already been played more 78.6 million times on Spotify. Frender helped bring stunning visuals to life. One of the highlights of the video was the use of scenes from the classic sci-fi masterpiece "Space Odyssey 2001." Meticulously blending the nostalgic essence of the original film with modern flair, our team ensured a seamless incorporation of these scenes into the music video.v

Making off Barbie World

We created worlds unique but similar to the "Barbie" movie and placed our heroines using green screeen, rotoscoping and compositing techniques. Also our technical wizards poured countless hours into developing a fleet of unique cars specifically designed for the music video. Drawing inspiration from Barbie's glamorous world, our team brought these extraordinary vehicles to life, making sure they were close to the familiar Barbie style but with a fresh, distinctive touch that matched the overall aesthetic of the video.

All the clouds and flying scenes were created with simulation, 3D effects as well as advenced work with lighting.

Lessons from the Barbie Movie's Success

The impact of the movie has extended beyond the film itself, with original tracks from Barbie.

Overall, the success of the Barbie movie's marketing and PR efforts proves that with innovative strategies, brand collaborations, and immersive experiences, it is possible to create a cultural phenomenon and generate excitement on a global scale. The Barbie movie stands as a shining example of how creativity, technology, and strategic marketing can lead to extraordinary results in the world of modern entertainment.