10 Jul 2023

Transformative Visuals and Unforgettable Experiences: Inside Coca-Cola's League of Legends +XP Flavored Campaign

Coca-Cola  released a limited edition League of Legends flavor that promises to "taste like XP." This innovative offering caters specifically to the League of Legends community, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience both on and off the screen.

Interactive Elements and Digital Platforms

Coca-Cola has incorporated interactive elements into the packaging. By scanning the QR code on their cans, players gain access to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, a digital platform dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience. Within this hub, players can discover the Ultimate Emote Generator, an Instagram filter designed to transform their own image into League of Legends emotes.

The Mesmerizing Video: Coca-Cola Ultimate +XP Flavored

In a groundbreaking collaboration that merges the realms of gaming and cinematography, Coca-Cola has unveiled a mesmerizing video showcasing the immersive world of Coca-Cola Ultimate +XP Flavored. The video was shot in Bogota. Vagabond Production Services played a major role in the production, spending two days shooting both interiors and exteriors. They also dedicated time to prepping a studio build specifically for this otherworldly campaign.

Coca Cola League of Legends

This article delves into the captivating visual effects employed by the production team at Frender, showcasing their expertise in 3D simulations, compositing, creating futuristic cities and worlds, as well as 3D personas and character animation.


Frender's team embarked on the ambitious journey of designing and constructing intricate digital worlds that would serve as the backdrop for the video. These worlds needed to be both visually captivating and in line with the immersive experience of the League of Legends game. By combining imaginative concepts with technical precision, Frender created environments that seamlessly merged reality and fantasy.

3D Personas

To populate the video with compelling characters, Frender's team employed their expertise in 3D persona creation. These personas were carefully designed to align with the League of Legends aesthetic and to resonate with the target audience. From the protagonist exploring the virtual realms to the digital avatars representing League of Legends players, each 3D persona was meticulously crafted to convey unique personalities and emotions. ⠀

Setting the Stage with 3D Simulations

The foundation of the video's visual effects lies in the seamless integration of 3D simulations. Frender's team has expertly crafted a world that blends reality with imagination, taking viewers on an immersive journey. The simulation of futuristic cities brings a sense of grandeur and awe, setting the stage for the epic adventure to come. By meticulously constructing detailed cityscapes, the team creates a visually stunning backdrop that captures the essence of the video game experience.

Compositing: Blurring the Lines between Real and Virtual

To achieve a seamless integration of live-action footage and digital elements, the compositing techniques utilized in the "+XP Flavored" video are nothing short of remarkable. The compositing team meticulously blends the real-world footage with the virtual elements, resulting in a cohesive visual narrative. By skillfully combining layers, lighting, and color grading, the video achieves a harmonious balance that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Futuristic Cities: The Intersection of Imagination and Technical Precision

Creating believable and awe-inspiring futuristic cities is no small feat. Frender's team has showcased their technical prowess by meticulously designing and animating these digital metropolises. From intricate architectural details to bustling city life, every element contributes to the overall immersive experience. The team's attention to lighting, textures, and atmospheric effects ensures that the cities feel tangible, elevating the video's visual impact.

Character Animation: Breathing Life into the Virtual World

One of the most captivating aspects of the "+XP Flavored" video is the flawless integration of virtual characters into the live-action footage. The character animation team's expertise shines through in their creation of lifelike movements and expressions. From the character flying through space to the interactions within the virtual world, the seamless integration of these digital creations adds depth and realism to the video

Particle Simulations: Enhancing the Spectacle

To amplify the visual spectacle, particle simulations play a crucial role in the "+XP Flavored" video. These simulations add a layer of dynamic motion, bringing energy and excitement to the scenes. Whether it's the trail of sparks as the character soars through space or the dazzling effects accompanying pivotal moments, the particle simulations create a captivating visual feast for the eyes.


Through meticulous execution of 3D simulations, compositing, futuristic city creation, character animation, and particle simulations, viewers are transported viewers into a breathtaking virtual world. 

The Coca-Cola Ultimate +XP Flavored video stands as a testament to the transformative power of visual effects in capturing the imagination, immersing viewers in captivating narratives, and creating unforgettable brand experiences.