19 Feb 2023

The collaboration between Sir Mix-A-Lot, Chex Mix, and Frender's VFX team

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Sir Mix-A-Lot’s dropped the catchy track  “Baby Got Back” in 1992. The song would ultimately peak at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 — making it one of the most popular tunes to come out of  the early ’90s.

The release of a remix of Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit song "Baby Got Back" and its corresponding music video "Bagel is Back"

Chex Mix is bringing its bagel chip back to Traditional Chex Mix—with a little help from hip-hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot. To remix the classic in a way only Sir Mix-A-Lot and Chex Mix can, the mix master is releasing a remix of his hit “Baby Got Back” for the first time in the song’s 30-year history.

The duo teamed up to create a snack-inspired remix and corresponding music video, aptly titled “Bagel is Back.”
Hip-hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot has teamed up with Chex Mix to bring back the iconic bagel chip and they've brought in the expertise of Frender's visual effects team to make it happen.

The creation process of the music video, including the use of green screen

The music video, directed by Daps, was shot on a green screen, allowing Frender's VFX team to work their magic and bring Sir Mix-A-Lot's vision to life. The team used cutting-edge technology to create seamless transitions between scenes and change the background to match the rapper's playful energy.

Frender's VFX artists utilized a range of tools and techniques to ensure that the video had a consistent and polished look. From color correction to compositing, their attention to detail brought the music video to life, making it a visual feast for fans.

Daps & Max Colt
green screen

The positive reception of the music video

The result is a fun and energetic video that perfectly captures the spirit of Sir Mix-A-Lot's collaboration with Chex Mix. The team at Frender's have once again proven their expertise in creating high-quality visual effects, bringing this snack-filled celebration to life in a truly epic way.

"Baby Got Snacks!" has already gained a huge following, with fans raving about the fantastic visual effects and Sir Mix-A-Lot's catchy rhymes. Frender's VFX team should be proud of their contributions to this memorable collaboration.