01 Dec 2023

Creating Visual Magic: FRENDER's Impact on Ads

How does VFX strengthen brand identity and how to choose a VFX production company? Frinder has won even more visual effects awards this year!

Frender Commercial Awards

In the realm of commercial advertising, capturing and retaining audience attention is a perpetual challenge. As consumers are inundated with a constant stream of content, leveraging visual effects (VFX) has emerged as a powerful strategy to break through the noise and create memorable brand experiences.

Impact of VFX on Advertising

VFX play a pivotal role in achieving this goal, offering a powerful tool to elevate the impact and memorability of advertisements.

Enhanced Brand Identity:

Incorporating well-executed visual effects into commercial advertisements can significantly contribute to establishing and reinforcing brand identity. 

Emotional Engagement:

Visual effects have the ability to evoke emotions and create a deeper connection with the audience.

Showcasing Product Features:

In product-focused commercials, visual effects can be employed to highlight key features and functionalities in an engaging and visually appealing manner. 

Creating Unforgettable Visuals:

Memorable visuals are essential for cutting through the noise of modern advertising. By leveraging visual effects, advertisers can create eye-catching and unforgettable scenes that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Staying Ahead of Trends:

The advertising landscape is ever-evolving, with trends and consumer preferences changing rapidly. A VFX-savvy advertising approach ensures that commercials stay relevant and align with the latest visual aesthetics. 

The strategic integration of visual effects in commercial advertising holds the potential to revolutionize brand communication. By leveraging the power of VFX to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant narratives, advertisers can not only capture attention in a crowded market but also leave a lasting imprint on the minds of consumers, ultimately driving brand recognition and loyalty.

Frender's Awards

Visual effects company FRENDER  stands out in the industry for its exceptional ability to bring creative visions to life through high-quality visuals. Specializing in music videos, commercials, short films, and more, FRENDER has successfully partnered with prestigious brands like PUMA, Vogue, and Samsung, leveraging cutting-edge technology and creativity.

FRENDER's prowess is reflected in its extensive list of awards, including:

Muse Awards (2023)

Telly Awards (2023)

LIA Awards (2022)

UKMVA Awards (2022)

Clio Entertainment Bronze (2022)

Grammy Awards (2022)

Latin Grammy Awards (2021)

Academy of Country Music (2020)

BET Awards (2020)

MTV Europe Music Awards (2019)

Latin American Music Awards (2019)

Latin Grammy Awards (2018)

Cannes Lions Festival (2017)

Highlighted Projects This Year

Sims 4 Find Yourselves (2023)

In launching new expansion packs and gameplay experiences for The Sims 4, EA's creative team joined forces with Alkemy X, with an additional contribution from Frender's team for visual effects. This campaign, aimed at bringing The Sims into the real world, invited individuals to explore and embrace various identities, encapsulating the theme of "discovering oneself". The initiative was highlighted by the participation of singer, artist, and internet personality Mxmtoon, who delved into a range of characters including a Victorian ghost, a painter, a bodybuilder, and a toddler.

Frender team expertly crafted visual effects that allowed Mxmtoon to seamlessly transition into various characters, ranging from a Victorian ghost to a bodybuilder. Frender's work involved sophisticated techniques to ensure that each identity was not only visually distinct but also engaging and realistic within the campaign's playful context. Their expertise in visual effects played a key role in enhancing the overall experience, making the campaign more immersive and reflective of The Sims 4's creative essence.



Disney's 'Dancing With The Stars, Couch Spot' (2023)

NuContext tapped into Disney's magical essence by first transforming a family's living room into a bewitched on-set experience, complete with an exuberant dance party, encapsulated by the phrase "let the magic of dance come alive." This enchantment persisted in a second advertisement, introducing Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribiero as hosts, along with the unveiling of a brand-new cast, assisted by Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.

Frender created visual effects that added depth and wonder to the scenes, blending reality with fantasy seamlessly and enhancing the overall enchanting and immersive experience. Their work was key in bringing the whimsical elements to life, demonstrating their expertise in visual storytelling.


KFC TV Spot, 'The World of Kentucky Fried Miracles: Beyond' Featuring Liza Koshy (2023)

KFC and Beyond Meat have joined forces to create a groundbreaking campaign, the "Magic Chicken Universe", marking a significant step in the evolution of plant-based eating. This initiative is headlined by the charismatic Liza Koshy, an actress, producer, and creator known for her dynamic presence and creativity.

Frender has brought to life the "Magic Chicken Universe" with a blend of whimsical and realistic elements, creating an engaging and immersive visual experience. Their work beautifully complements the campaign's message, highlighting the innovative nature of Beyond Fried Chicken.



FRENDER's Philosophy

Led by Max Colt,Frender approach each project with a commitment to not just meet but exceed client expectations. This ethos is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of perfection in every project they undertake. 

The philosophy of FRENDER is their visual effects are more than just a technical skill; they are a form of storytelling.

Friender's team attends the prestigious Shorty Awards, recognizing the best in digital and social media content. This opportunity underscores our commitment to creating innovative and impactful online content.


FRENDER's journey in the commercial video industry exemplifies how innovative video content can revolutionize business strategies and audience engagement across various sectors. Their groundbreaking work sets a benchmark in visual effects and storytelling, paving the way for future advancements in media interactions. As the industry continues to evolve, FRENDER's influence on shaping trends and perceptions through media is undeniable