11 Jun 2021

Pride Won't Hide - VFX for LGBTQ+ Facebook community

The share of citizens around the world who associate themselves with the LGBT movement has been growing at a very noticeable pace over the past decades. LGBTQ communities have changed the “environment” in many cities in North America and Western Europe. The so-called gay villages, the first of which was Berlin Schoenberg in the 1920s, became the centers of creative industries, the struggle for human rights, and the spirit of freedom in cities of the Western world. But with time, LGBTQ communication was gradually moving to the online space.

pride won't hide shorty awards

Facebook became a great tool for uniting people with non-traditional views. The Official LGBTQ+ Facebook community has more than 20 million people from all over the world, and new community members join it every day.

The fundamental “formula” of the LGBTQ + community states that sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of the inner essence of a person. Discrimination and violation of rights on these grounds are unacceptable.

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After a long journey of persecution and assault, the position of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer community in modern society has been changing. Today, the LGBT community is concerned with very important and vital topics:

  • the problem of racism
  • empowering trans people
  • a broader understanding of gender roles

The National Coming Out Day celebrated on October 11th is of great importance to LGBTQ+ representatives. This day is dedicated to the awareness of the existence of such a community and aimed at supporting them to “come out of the closet,” which means self-disclosure of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Shorty Awards Winner

To celebrate the LGBTQ + in honor of National Coming Out Day, the first-class project Pride Won’t Hide was created, engaging well-known figures in the LGBTQ + community, such as Mayhem Miller. Thanks to the close-knit and thoughtful work of the entire team, directors, screenwriters, and high-quality VFX graphics, the project was filmed remotely during the global lockdown.

The post production team of Frender VFX studio was happy to be a part of this project and provide visual effects for the video. VFX production process put together the team of the best visual effects artists and other technical staff, who helped to receive the Shorty Awards for Best Use of Medium-Length Video and Silver for Best Remote Production.

Specific of the Project

All work and communication during the creation of the video took place remotely. Shooting equipment (cameras, lights), costumes, makeup, and other props were sent directly to the performers’ houses. All related tasks, project ideas, plans, and edits, as well as VFX notes, were contributed via Google Docs. As a result of such well-organized work, the Frender team managed to implement such a delightful project that will be remembered by all participants for many years.

pride won't hide vfx for facebook community