23 Jun 2021

Visual Effects for Polo G and Lil Wayne - GANG GANG

We did it again! The FRENDER VFX studio had yet another chance to put a bit of its magic into a video created by a totally cool rap tandem. This time, top-notch VFX graphics almost literally hurled thunderbolts at collaboration between Polo G and Lil Wayne. 

Although not that famed as his older brethren, Polo G has already made it to the major league as his previous "Rapstar" track debuted at the very top of the Billboard Hot 100. Obviously, Lil Wayne needs no introduction since he is constantly listed among the most influential hip hop artists of our times.

Together, they released a new single, "Gang Gang", which is the last song to be included in Polo G’s forthcoming album "Hall of Fame". The single and the video premiered on May 21 on YouTube, where the song has collected over 17 million views so far. It got a warm reception and the 13th spot in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart while some reviewers put a special focus on themovie-esque visual effects of the video.


However, getting to the top charts or wowing the audience with visuals never was the main idea behind the collaboration.

Rappers Synergy

Polo G was kind of expected to team up with the Louisiana rapper after he named Weezy as one of his biggest influences along with Tupac Shakur. It was not the only occasion when Polo showed his respect to Wayne. The fact that the rising rap star studied his idol’s wordplay and metaphors could only add to the synergy.

So, the artists drove the public mad by the song telling about their fame, affluent lifestyle, and strong bonds with their gang members. They also snicker at haters and snitches while saying they are used to danger threatening them. Grey clouds and lightning bolts that follow both rappers throughout the video are clear visual metaphors of those threats, with the artists responding to them by partying with friends and driving in a convertible top down. "And when the rain came I put the top down/ Under the dark clouds, I'm shining gold", recaps Weezy in the lyrics.

And that was exactly the goal of VFX production — to create allegorical imagery that would emphasize the main message of the verse. By all accounts, FRENDER’s post-production team led by Max Colt, an experienced visual effects artist, did it right.


If Weezy and Polo’s fans could have a peep at VFX before and after video pieces, they would surely appreciate FRENDER’s contribution. The team crafted the title sequence with a simulation of clouds and lightning to immediately catch the audience’s attention and create a proper mood. Further VFX breakdown would include 3D clouds and added lightning throughout the clip, along with transitions between the frames. The team succeeded in making director Troy Roscoe’s vision a reality, which resulted in the video that gained massive recognition.

Post productin for Polo G and Lil Wayne - GANG GANG