13 Dec 2021

VFX for Marc Anthony - Latin GRAMMY Winner [2021]

Marc Anthony surely has a secret of how to stay relevant for several decades. Three times a Grammy winner and 9 times a Latin Grammy winner, Marc Anthony has got his game going on for more than 20 years. He’s a prominent representative of Latin culture, and he’s just a great artist.

Marc Anthony sing on Latin Grammy

In 2019 we received yet another album from Marc Anthony – ‘Opus’, that’s got a Grammy for the Best Tropical Album in 2020. Included in ‘Opus’, Marc Anthony’s new song ‘Un Amor Eterno’ held such a special place in his heart, it was actually THE song that made him record a new album in the first place.

Un Amor Eterno

Marc Anthony - Un Amor Eterno - Backstage

A year later after the release, ‘Un Amor Eterno’ has got a ballad version. From upbeat salsa it turned into a sensual serenade, a love letter to the woman of the artist’s dreams. Marc Anthony uses lyrics of ‘Un Amor Eterno’ to make us believe in the true feeling that uplifts us, makes the world around us a better place.

Marc Anthony - Un Amor Eterno - behind the scenes

The music video for the ballad version draws pictures from a beautiful fairytale, with crystal chandeliers, tender kisses in a garden, and slowmo dances under water. The video for ‘Un Amor Eterno’ (Versión balada) has brought Marc Anthony two Latin Grammy Nominations – The Record of the Year and The Best Short Form Video.

VFX for the music video

‘Un Amor Eterno’ was shot in 2020 in Marc Anthony’s Miami mansion under strict regulations needed for filming during the pandemic. One of the most influential Latinos in the US, Carlos Perez, directed the music video and filled it with beautiful scenes of sensuality. The clocks around the house accentuate the artist's longing for eternal love that can’t be measured in minutes and hours, but goes way beyond that.

A VFX studio FRENDER from Los Angeles was in charge of delivering high-quality visual effects and postproduction. FRENDER surely understood the assignment, so that ‘Un Amor Eterno’ music video took home a Latin Grammy win in the category Best Short Form Video.

VFX for Marc Anthony - Un Amor Eterno