19 Aug 2021

Visual Effects for Tyga - Mrs. Bubblegum

What we know about Tyga for sure, is that this man is a big advocate for female curves (to say the least!). This summer we hear quite a bit of new music from Tyga, and ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ is another banger of August 2021.

VFX for Tyga - Mrs. Bubblegum pic 4

The song would be nostalgic for those who hold ‘00 hip-hop close to the heart: it is sampled on D4L’s ‘Laffy Taffy’ – you can even hear Fabo contributing to ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ lyrics with his hooks and “nasty girls”. Both rappers Tyga and Fabo appear in the music video to the song, bringing us ‘the snap dance’ like it’s still early 2000s.

In two weeks the video has gathered more than 4,000,000 views and 3,000 comments. No wonder: it’s a modern hip-hop bop combined with a fun visual. Moreover, artists like Tyga are often surrounded by beautiful women, and in this particular clip their number is soaring.

Also, a bit of controversy might have contributed to the virality of the video when Tommy Cash and his fans found ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ resembling Tommy’s video ‘WINALOTO’. While Tyga commented on his Instagram that there was some inspiration from Tommy’s work, the two videos have a fundamentally different vibe.

VFX for Tyga - Mrs. Bubblegum pic 6

In his song Tyga tells us that he is not looking for anything serious, and flying bottoms all over the place set the right mood with playful visuals. Continue reading about the postproduction process for ‘Mrs Bubblegum’ to get a grasp of the atmosphere in Tyga’s clip.

Before and After VFX Production

‘Mrs Bubblegum’ came out super fun, colorful, and silly. To make it entertaining and creative, most of the footage was filmed with green screen, so that VFX studio could chroma key backdrops and add animated elements around Tyga.

To understand how much work was done with visual effects for ‘Mrs Bubblegum’, check out these before and after VFX breakdown images:

VFX production is a complex process and requires involvement of a professional post production studio. FRENDER jumped in on this project with its worldwide team of experts, and managed to create an absolutely stunning visual. Despite the team being in different corners of the world during the project, all members were coordinated by the VFX supervisor Max Colt, so the whole VFX production was done in no time.

Tyga - Mrs. Bubblegum [Music video]

‘Mrs Bubblegum’ has it all: from reimagined Mount Rushmore to fast cars to Tyga’s face being stuck between two female buttocks. At some point the rapper stood in front of the altar and Fabo was the minister. Who was wearing the veil? Check out the video to find out!

VFX for Tyga - Mrs. Bubblegum pic 3