15 Oct 2021

VFX for Diljit Dosanjh new song 'LUNA'

Western ears might not hear much of Punjabi music, but when the right tune comes along, it surely gets stuck in our heads for weeks. Diljit Dosanjh’s new song ‘LUNA’ might be just the case, as it makes you hum the chorus right after the first time you listen to it.

Diljit is a pretty popular performer in India. He stars in movies that become extremely successful, his songs inevitably end up on TikTok with millions of people dancing to them. He’s even one of the most desirable men, according to The Times of India and Chandigarh Times. It seems that people just love everything this guy does. Following on Diljit Dosanjh’s Twitter and Instagram constantly grows every time he takes to social media to take a stance on important matters or to make a silly cooking video.

Futuristic love story

Directed by Ben Griffen, ‘LUNA’ music video has an unusual plot for a Punjabi love ballad. In a nutshell, our hero praises the beauty of his beloved and says that even the moon is jealous of it. Instead of taking us on a casual stroll under the stars, Diljit is painting a story of unconditional love that emerges between a human and a robot.

On the premiere day, ‘LUNA’ gathered almost 5 million views on YouTube. Comments claim that the song and the video take Punjabi music to the next level. Well, it seems like Diljit and his out-of-this-world approach to love songs have really had an effect on the audience.

Visual effects magic

The video has it all: robots, flying cars, neon, holographic projections, and even unexpected transformations. VFX studio FRENDER really did their best to bring creative ideas of the director on screen.

The whole city of the future, as well as a cool interplanetary flying car, were made from scratch by 3D artists. VFX production also involved compositing on a green screen for the scene with a holographic modeling of the robot. Have a look at our VFX breakdown, so you can see the amount of artistry work through the classic ‘before and after’ comparison of the scenes:

The biggest pride of the team behind this music video might be the plot twist at the end. It’s not only a win for the director and his creativity, but also for the post production crew as they managed to surprise viewers with an unpredictable reveal.

We don’t want to spoil all the fun and tell you what happens at the end. After all, it’s always better to see the whole thing with your own eyes than to read about it. Here’s the music video for a Diljit Dosanjh’s new song ‘LUNA’:

visual effects futuristic world in music video diljit luna