28 Mar 2023

The Visual Effects of The Sims 4 'Find Yourselves' Campaign: An Inside Look

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The Sims 4 "Find Yourselves" Campaign

The Sims 4 has been one of the most popular video games for many years, and its success can be attributed to the creativity and innovation that the game constantly delivers. One of the latest campaigns for the game, "Find Yourselves," has been receiving rave reviews, and for good reason - the visual effects and animation are truly breathtaking.

Frender Team's Expertise for the 'Find Yourselves' campaign

Frender team is known for its expertise in animation, simulation, particle simulation, lighting, and compositing. They worked on The Sims 4 'Find Yourselves' campaign, which featured an actress playing multiple characters with different body types. The team seamlessly transitioned the actress's head onto different bodies, creating a compelling visual effect that captured the attention of viewers.


motion capture and particle simulation

The Frender team used a robot arm to repeat the movement of the camera during filming in Austin, Texas. This technique is known as motion capture, and it allowed for the creation of fluid and dynamic movements that added to the overall visual appeal of the campaign.

Robort Arm

The use of particle simulation was another impressive technique employed by the Frender team. It added depth and realism to the scenes, making the characters appear as if they were part of the environment. The lighting was also a key aspect of the visual effects. The Frender team ensured that the lighting was consistent throughout the scenes, creating a sense of continuity and cohesiveness.

green screen

compositing techniques

One of the most impressive aspects of The Sims 4 'Find Yourselves' campaign was the transition of the actress's head onto different bodies. The Frender team used compositing techniques to achieve this effect seamlessly. 

green screen 2

It required precise attention to detail to ensure that the transition was smooth and believable.

Green screen actress

Awards and Recognition

The campaign 'Find Yourselves' won Gold in Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics at the American Advertising Awards and Platinum TV Ad Campaign (Video) at the Muse Creative Awards.


Their use of animation, simulation, particle simulation, lighting, compositing, and motion capture created a dynamic and visually stunning campaign that captured the attention of viewers. The awards won by the campaign are a testament to the team's exceptional skill and expertise in the field of visual effects.