23 Jan 2024

Frender's Visual Effects for LE SSERAFIM's 'EASY': Creativity Without Limits

LE SSERAFIM's music video for "EASY" exceeded 50 million views on YouTube in just 10 days following its release, demonstrating their expanding fan base and the quality of their music. It reached 10 million views in 13 hours, establishing a new record for the group, and secured first place on 'M Countdown.' The track's digital performance on platforms like Melon and Spotify also displayed significant numbers, with daily listeners on Melon nearly doubling within a week.

This awesome video was created with the participation of Ukrainian talents, showcasing a blend of skillful creativity and innovative visual effects. The collaboration highlights the unique contributions of these talents, enriching the visual storytelling with a fresh and dynamic approach.in Los Angeles, within the sacred architecture of a church, the directorial team led by cinematographer Nikita Kuzmenko and production company Ivanna Borin introduced a unique visual style to the clip, which was enhanced by Frender's high-tech special effects.


The Popularity of K-pop

Before delving into the details of the visual effectscreation, it's crucial to understand what K-pop is. This genre has transcended musical styles, becoming a powerful cultural phenomenon with a unique mix of music, dance, fashion, and visualization. K-pop's distinctive features include complex choreographies, vivid visual concepts, and a global orientation.

Behind the Scenes

A detailed analysis of the process behind the key visual effects reveals the techniques and technologies employed by the Frender team. Particular attention was paid to creating a convincing illusion of natural elements, such as vines and snow, requiring a deep understanding of the physics of materials and their interaction with the environment and light.


The creation of vines using computer graphics (CG) involved complex 3D modeling and animation techniques. The Frender team developed detailed vine models that mimicked realistic textures and plant movements. The CG vine effect added a mystical atmosphere and visual depth to the scenes, making them more dynamic and memorable. This allowed for the creation of unique visual moments that highlighted the atmosphere and emotional tone of the video.


Visual effects were used to modify the appearance of characters' teeth, ranging from natural to fantastical images without the need for physical transformation. This included detailed retouching and digital modeling to perfectly integrate the altered teeth into the overall visual context of the scenes. The modification of teeth helped enhance the characters' personas and added unexpected highlights to their images, strengthening the visual narrative and emotional expression of the music video. 



Creating snow with CG allowed for control over its appearance, intensity, and movement, achieving the desired effect regardless of weather conditions. The use of particles and dynamic simulations ensured realistic falling and accumulation of snow, creating a sense of a winter atmosphere. The snow added a magical and enchanted mood to the frames, emphasizing the beauty and sensuality of the scenes, as well as enhancing the emotional impact on the viewer.

Set Extension

The set extension technique using CG enabled the visual expansion of real shooting locations, creating the illusion of more expansive and detailed spaces.



The Importance of Typography in Motion Graphics: Typography in motion graphics extends far beyond the mere selection of fonts. It's a pivotal element that contributes significantly to the overall impact and comprehension of the visual message. Thoughtful typography involves considering aspects like font size, weight, and style, as well as the integration of text into the motion design. The right typography choices can greatly enhance the clarity, aesthetics, and emotional resonance of a motion graphic, making it more engaging and effective. Conversely, poor typography can detract from the message, leading to confusion or a lack of interest from the audience. Discovering the art of marrying typography with motion graphics is essential for any designer looking to create compelling visual narratives.

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Trends in Motion Graphics

Dive into the world of three-dimensional motion graphics and see how 3D visuals are redefining the art of storytelling. Experience the depth, realism, and immersive quality that 3D brings to motion graphics, taking viewers on a visually stunning journey.

  • Minimalist and Flat Design: The Essence of Simplicity

Discover the growing trend of minimalist and flat design in motion graphics. Understand how stripping down to essential elements and using simple, clean lines can create powerful, impactful graphics. This approach highlights the power of simplicity in an increasingly complex digital world.

  • Kinetic Typography: Bringing Words to Life

Explore the captivating world of kinetic typography. See how animated text can add energy and emotion to motion graphics, transforming static words into dynamic visual stories that engage and captivate audiences.

  • Data Visualization: Turning Numbers into Narratives

Delve into how data visualization is revolutionizing motion graphics. Learn how complex data and statistics are being transformed into compelling, easy-to-understand visual stories, making information more accessible and engaging.

  • Interactive Motion Graphics: Engaging the Audience

Find out how interactive motion graphics are changing the game in audience engagement. Discover how adding interactive elements to motion graphics invites viewer participation, creating a more engaging and memorable experience.

  • VR and AR in Motion Graphics: The Frontier of Digital Realities

Step into the future with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in motion graphics. Learn about the innovative ways VR and AR are being integrated into motion graphics, offering immersive and interactive experiences that push the boundaries of digital storytelling.

  • Sustainable Motion Graphics: Eco-Friendly Design

Investigate the emerging trend of sustainability in motion graphic design. Understand how eco-friendly practices and themes are being incorporated into motion graphics, reflecting a growing consciousness about environmental impact in the digital design world.


The 'EASY' music video is a masterclass in K-pop visual storytelling. Its success on platforms like YouTube, Melon, and Spotify, and on global charts, underscores the universal appeal of music and visual art. Through projects like this, FRENDER continues to affirm its leading position in video production, ready to create immersive visual accompaniments for the boldest ideas, proving that in the realm of creativity and innovation, the sky is the limit.